Empowering Clean: The Nationwide Synergy of Janvey/Triple-S

Janvey and Triple S form a powerful partnership that leverages the strengths of both organizations to deliver unparalleled value to their customers. Janvey, known for its expertise in equipment sales, custom team trainings, and product & process consultations, benefits from the expansive reach of Triple S's nationwide network. This network encompasses 3 regional distribution centers, 175 locations, and a team of over 1200 dedicated professionals. Together, they ensure that clients receive the best outcomes at the lowest total cost, backed by local experts and a trusted brand.

This synergy not only enhances their service offerings but also ensures that customers across the United States have access to professional facility maintenance supply solutions, making this partnership a cornerstone for excellence in the janitorial and sanitation industry.

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High Speed Burnishing VS. Low Speed Buffing

Floor care professionals are often judging their floors by the amount of “shine”. The amount of gloss on the floor is often a subjective measurement of how clean and how well the floor is being maintained.

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Stone Care: Coatings vs Cutting

Many of the buildings, especially schools, here on Long Island were built in the 50’s and 60’s and many of them use a composite flooring substrate known as terrazzo. Every floor care technician is tasked with the same objective: seal, finish, and clean the floor. Whether its terrazzo, marble, or concrete, we have a choice about the short term cost to maintain this floor as well as the long term sustainability.

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Oxivir: The Top Benefits of Disinfecting with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

Oxivir Tb® Disinfectant Cleaner | AHP | Diversey from Diversey on Vimeo.

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