Floor Care

High Speed Burnishing VS. Low Speed Buffing

Floor care professionals are often judging their floors by the amount of “shine”. The amount of gloss on the floor is often a subjective measurement of how clean and how well the floor is being maintained.

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Stone Care: Coatings vs Cutting

Many of the buildings, especially schools, here on Long Island were built in the 50’s and 60’s and many of them use a composite flooring substrate known as terrazzo. Every floor care technician is tasked with the same objective: seal, finish, and clean the floor. Whether its terrazzo, marble, or concrete, we have a choice about the short term cost to maintain this floor as well as the long term sustainability.

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Total Cost Solution

Would you rather save 10% of 90 or 10% of 10? Labor comprises approximately 90% of a facility’s cleaning budget while the cost of products to clean and maintain a facility is only 10%. Understanding this rule is crucial to tailoring and developing a program to help reach maximum efficiency.

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